Drew Ortiz
2017 #1 QB in the state of New Mexico
5A Player of the year
State champion MVP 6 touchdowns in state game.
60 Touchdowns in a season
152 TDS in 3 years.
1st team all state x2
1st team all metro x3
1st team all district x3
District Player of the year x3
Metro Player of the year x2
10+ offers out of high school.
Red Shirt Freshman/Practice squad
Film is on twitter
Juco Minnesota West
#2 QB in the nation
#2 in passing touchdowns
#2 in passing yards
#3 yards per game
Conference player of the year
10+ offers out of juco
North American University
Starting QB
Team Captain
Holds school records for most touchdowns in a game. (6) against Louisiana College (D2)
Rivals Professional Football League
7/8 Drives were touchdowns.
2 game winning drives under 2 minutes left
Rivals MVP of league.