What is your name?

Jordan McAdoo

What is your Height/Weight?

6’4 286

What is your position?

My primary position is Right Tackle

Where do you play college football?

Emporia State University

Football is about giving back, what is the coolest thing you have done off the field?

Volunteering at the local elementary school was definitely the coolest experience I’ve had. I helped to run a small obstacle course for a class of third grade students but I think I had more fun than they did.

What was the hardest college class you ever had to take?

Financial Accounting

Where are you from?

Piedmont, Oklahoma

Who is your role model, and why?

My role model would definitely have to me my Mom. She has done everything in her power to make sure that I am successful, not only in sports but in life as well. She makes sure that her kids always come first no matter what the situation.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

Growing up I played football, basketball, and baseball

Did you play any other positions in football?

In college I have played every position on the Offensive Line besides Center but in high school I also played Defensive Tackle.

At your position, what separates you from others?

I believe that my strength and athleticism set me apart as well as my football IQ.

When you are breaking down film, what do you look for?

I like to watch my opponents fire off the ball and if they have a go to move. Then I’ll watch their hands to see if they are patient or if they like to get hands on quickly Last I like to see if they give away their stunts by the way they line up or tilt.

Who was the toughest player you ever faced?

The toughest play that I have ever faced is David Bass out of Missouri Western. He was very long and athletic and had unbelievable hands.

If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be and why?

I would probably have to say Russell Okung because he is physical and athletic but also a shorter OT as well.

What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

Up to this point the biggest obstacle I’ve faced is the passing of my Uncle Jim. I over came his passing by prayer and the help of my family.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I don’t really have any pregame rituals

As a small school football player what obstacles do you feel you have to overcome?

Getting your name out there is probably the biggest problem for a small football player. Also coming from a small school, people second guess your talent level because they think the level of your competition is lower.

What is your biggest strength?

My athleticism

What is your biggest weakness?

My footwork

If I were a GM and gave you a second to sell yourself, what would you say?

I am a smart player that picks up on schemes very quickly. I am also a versatile player that can play any of the five positions on the offensive line. I am very driven and coachable and understand that nothing is given and everything is earned.

Who was your favorite player and/or NFL team growing up?

My favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys and my favorite player was Emmitt Smith.

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would you choose?

Warren Buffet, Tupac, and My Uncle Jim

With your first NFL paycheck what would you buy?

A vacation for my parents