The following story is the latest in a spotlight series of SWOSU student-athletes from the Weatherford Daily News.

This week's athlete who takes the spotlight is wide receiver Patrick Lee, from Compton, California.

The 20-year-old started playing flag football in middle school and started playing tackle football in high school. Lee said the best thing a coach ever taught him and advice he would give to incoming freshmen is to enjoy every moment because football is not going to last forever.

"Coming out of high school I decided to go to Long Beach City College because I knew I was not ready," Lee said. "Coach Peabody and Coach Flynn prepared me to get to this level and I just cannot thank them enough for not giving up on me and providing me with this opportunity."

His biggest accomplishment was being named first team in his conference in high school because that was his first ever football award.

He came from Long Beach City College as a cornerback, but eventually came to SWOSU and switched to wide receiver because he had more fun on offense.

Lee said he has a very important tradition before a football game, even though it may sound crazy. He said he watches a Marvel movie or Sharknado before each game in order to get prepared for the game. He said he had not been nervous since his first college football game, and it only took getting hit twice for him to no longer be nervous.

Lee said a word which best describes his character is "caring" because he wants everyone around him to succeed in whatever they are striving for. He said his favorite sports hero is his grandfather, Andrew Cleveland.

"My grandfather played at Hawaii," Lee said. "He sacrificed a lot for my brothers and I, in order for us to be where we are right now."

Lee said a quote he lives by is "Don't Fold," but it is unknown who said this.

"No matter what you're going through, do not give in to the critics," Lee said. "I'd rather try my hardest and lose because I could live with the results and get better. Giving up is just a sign of weakness."